Insuring  Personal  and  Commercial  Property  and  Liability 


Our boat and personal watercraft insurance (watercraft insurance) policy provides boaters with specialized coverage designed for your boat or personal watercraft. Insurance options range from personal effects replacement to fuel spill coverage, which means you can relax on the water knowing you're protected.

Our policies protect several kinds of boats and PWCs, which means watercraft insurance policies can differ based on what you have.  We accepts boats up to 50 feet long and up to $250,000 in value, as well as personal watercraft up to 15 feet long and $27,000 in value. Call today to get a quote 925-685-8833



Our PWC insurance offers coverage tailored for your PWC, and you can choose which coverages you want based on your needs. PWC insurance includes coverage for: Runabout, Mini Jet Boat, Sailboat, Pontoon, House Boat, Cabin Cruiser, Other Fishing Boat, Bass Boat, Personal Watercraft.



RV insurance can protect your investment from top to bottom. With RV insurance, you can select many types of coverage, including Vacation Liability, Full Timer's, Emergency Expense and more. Your RV insurance policy can also protect your traveling companions and your valuables when you're on a trip.

Keep in mind that RV insurance covers several kinds of vehicles, such as motor homes—including Classes A, B, and C; motor coaches; and camper vans—as well as travel trailers, including campers, pop-ups, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. So if you’re searching for motor home insurance, travel trailers, camper insurance, camper van insurance, then an RV insurance policy is what you need.  Call today to get a quote 925-685-8833.



We offers Segway HT insurance in CA and up to five drivers and up to four vehicles per policy can be insured. The Segway HT's top speed is 12.5 mph — two to three times faster than the average walking speed.

Charging the Segway HT's batteries for one hour provides two hours of operation and costs about 5 cents' worth of electricity. Traveling downhill or decelerating generates electricity, recharging the Segway HT's batteries.  The Segway HT does not have an engine, brakes or a steering wheel — it accelerates and decelerates by responding to a person's center of gravity, and turns with a mere flick of the wrist. The Segway HT takes up about as much space on a sidewalk as a person — its width is similar to an average person's shoulder width.

People who buy the Segway HT participate in special orientation classes offered around the country, but operating the Segway HT is actually very easy because its gyroscopes sense subtle body movements and use them as cues for moving forward and backward. The Segway HT has three performance settings. The Segway HT can operate on a variety of terrain surfaces. The Segway HT has many safety features that assist in ensuring safe use and performance.



Riders choose our snowmobile insurance for its extensive coverages, specialized claims service, and competitive rates. Our snowmobile insurance coverage options include bodily injury and property damage, comprehensive and collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist, roadside and more. You can insure up to five operators and up to four snowmobiles per policy.  You and your family can feel comfortable knowing snowmobile insurance is protecting you.

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